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This Week's Featured Book is

The Lowdown on Facelifts & Other Wrinkle Remedies
by Wendy Lewis.

Wendy is one of the foremost beauty and independent cosmetic surgery consultants
on both sides of the Atlanic.

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"A brilliant new book packed full of insider advice" Harpers & Queen
International beauty consultant Wendy Lewis gives the lowdown on every available treatment, from anti-ageing creams to face peels, from laser treatment to surgery: everything from how long it lasts, to how much it costs, to where you can get it. With over 15 years in the industry, her impartial and expert advice will help you to make an informed and educated decision about all the available options.

The book contains a wealth of useful tips and tricks from experts in anti-ageing technology from around the world. Little known facts and statistics, real-life case studies and anecdotes, a glossary of medical terms and a resource guide make this book the must-have guide to cosmetic enhancement for women of all ages and skin types.

Wendy Lewis is an independent beauty consultant and a true insider to the world of cosmetic surgery. She writes a weekly column in the Evening Standard magazine and is quoted in all the top glossy magazines.

Lots of great pointers and very down-to-earth
I was glad to see the surgeon who did my eye tuck in this book. I had gone to see 3 consultant plastic surgeons, or so I thought. This book really sorts it all out for you. There was noone for me to ask when I had it done. None of my friends had done anything and my husband didn't want to hear about it. I finally did find a good surgeon, and I'm really pleased with the results. After reading this book, I feel more ready to do something more with the guidance of this book.
A reader from NSW, Australia

Simply amazing. I'm so glad I found it.
This was just what the 'doctor' ordered...I have a BIG birthday coming up, and I've wanted to do something about my heavy eyelids and chin forever. After reading this book, I think I have the courage to start looking for a plastic surgeon. The writing is wonderfully warm and friendly - a really fun read. Thank you, thank you.
A reader from Brussels, Belgium.

Best beauty book I've ever read. Worth twice the price.
I really enjoyed reading through this interesting and amusing book on all the latest beauty treatments. The information was presented in an eary to read style with just the right amount of detail, not too much or too little. I think I know everything I ever need to about how to fight the ageing process now.
A reader from Devon

Wonderfully written and incredibly funny.
I loved this little book so much that I had to buy one for my sister and another for my cousin. She really understands the British female mentality. We needed a book like this to knock some sense into us. I am so glad I found it before I had anything done. Now I feel honestly prepared and know what to expect and how much it should all cost. A reader from Chelsea, London.




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