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This Month's Featured Book is

The Lowdown on Facelifts & Other Wrinkle Remedies
by Wendy Lewis.

Wendy is one of the foremost beauty and independent cosmetic surgery consultants
on both sides of the Atlanic.

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This is the book for all women who want to look the best they can for as long as they can. But you wouldn't know this when you pick it up. There is a natural reluctance by women - and mostly British women - to admit to having had, or even thought about, cosmetic surgery.

If that's you, don't be put off by the title of this book. It's not about dashing to a plastic surgeon and disappearing for two months until the scars have healed. Although the final chapters do cover cosmetic - plastic - surgery, there is so much more to this book than that. It is fascinating, immensely readable and utterly must-have. Even if you didn't know you wanted to learn about skin-care, having read this, you will.

Wendy Lewis, an American by birth who spends a considerable amount of time in the UK, is an independent consultant and specialist in aesthetic surgery. She writes a weekly beauty column in ES magazine for The London Standard and is renowned as the beauty guru of her generation. The lowdown is, if she doesn't know about it, it's not worth knowing about.

She also entertains. Her writing style is humorous without being superficial. The information is easy to absorb and once started, this book is difficult to put down.

"Ageing Gracefully is for Cabernet" is the title of the opening chapter and oh, how we agree.

The book travels in stages, from basic skincare, to minor treatments, through to full-blown, general anaesthetic operations. But the journey is smooth and well-judged and with such an authoritative guide, it's simple to follow.

She starts with the basics. There is lots of information about diet, proper foods and how to avoid stress (all damaging for skin). We learn what harms our skin most - smoking and drinking - and what we can do to prevent ageing every day and with very little effort, before we even leave the house.

There are fascinating tips about cleansing, moisturising and using a sunblock. Did you know that every woman owns around 50 items of skincare and make-up? No, nor did I. But I raced to the bathroom to count and she was right.

She focuses on what will help women most, devoting chapters to working out what skin type you actually are and what is the best course of action for your particular skin type. She shares with us an enormous amount of information about what creams to choose and why. We learn what to look for when choosing and helpfully divides the products into sensible bands:

A) luxury
B) expensive but worth it
C) budget price but does the job.

It's the sort of information you long for and can never find every time you venture into the cosmetics department. She even translates the Latin terms on jar labels and tells us which 'Active ingredients' we should look out for on a scale of 1-5. And we're not talking obscure brands that only surface in some mega-money store in London. The names mentioned are all familiar: Clarins; Lancôme - even Boots
No. 7.

An extremely useful question and answer section helps you evaluate your needs before you venture out to buy, giving every reader the confidence to find - eventually - the products that will truly serve them.

Without hectoring she fills us in with all the common sense advice - to stay out of the sun, eat carrots; (Beta ceratone); drink lots of water - and with brutal precision she pinpoints the four stages of age-defiance. They are: prevention; protection; reversal; maintenance; then with omnipotent mercy, goes on to explain the steps.

We have explanations of most minor treatments such as Botox injections and liposuction. All fear is dispelled as she moves, step by step through the procedures and the results a patient can expect, then she introduces by degrees an incredibly matter of fact appraisal of a startling variety of face-lifts.

I've never read so much about different incisions, procedures and techniques without feeling slightly queasy. Here there is no fear, as her many lists include 'How to judge your surgeon'; 'What questions to ask your doctor'; and a priceless 'Countdown to surgery." There is even a guide to the length of time you should allow for convalescence. The mystery - stigma even - is removed.

All this information is backed up by countless testimonials and quotes from experts and celebrities adding credence not found in most other beauty books.

The book concludes with a series of invaluable indexes, including a list of societies and their web sites, the best, most recognised cosmetic surgeons; and a glossary of technical terms and a brief explanation in down-to-earth English of what they all mean.

Most encouragingly, Wendy Lewis recognises in print that "The Internet is becoming Beauty's greatest Equalizer" demonstrating that via the Internet, the mystery shrouding the beauty industry will slowly but surely be unravelled. This is something that we all believe at i4beauty.

It's a wonderful read. This book is intelligently written for the discerning woman. It has certainly converted at least one rational cynic!




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