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Welcome to i4beauty.
Yes, my name is Nelly. It's not such a common name these days but I like it and it has a strong family connection in that I had a great Aunt Nelly on both my mother's (Irish) and father's (Scottish) side. If I wasn't the last-born of three girls, I might have a more glamorous handle. But I've grown to love what I've been given and anyway, it's an advantage to be different!
My degree is in archaeology - so I know all about ruins, cracks and drying out - and I later studied at Music College on a scholarship, where I gained a post-graduate degree and won the Lloyd Webber Prize for Music Theatre.

I've been a singer and an actress and appeared in repertory all over the country. I've also appeared in many shows in London's West End, including:

  • 'The Pirates of Penzance'
  • 'Starlight Express'
  • 'Stepping Out'
  • 'Richard III'
  • 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'
  • 'The Music Man'

On TV you may have seen me in The Biz (BBC) among others and I've been in lots of commercials - Nationwide Building Society, Avis Rent-a-Car and most recently for BT.

As a writer I've had articles published in tomes as diverse as

  • 'The Estate Agents Gazette'
  • 'Runners World'
  • Oh, and I wrote 'RatKan II' for The Children's Channel!

Obviously it's important to look as good as possible all the time in this business. You never know who you are going to bump into or when you are going to be called on. So a necessary part of the job is keeping fit, toned and well groomed. Hence the interest in beauty and beauty products!

Money hasn't always been forthcoming (we've all heard the 'resting actors' joke) so that's how I've learnt to put what is available to good use - eating carefully, improvising with groceries when I've run out of face cream, running. Sorry, yes I do go running several times a week and because I was once too poor to go to the gym, keep a set of light weights at home. But hey, that's my thing and not necessarily everyone else's.

I was thrilled to be asked to write for i4beauty. It combines my chief love - writing - with my chief interests; health, fitness and beauty - so for me it's about the best job in the world.

I hope you enjoy i4beauty and I hope you'll contact me personally with any comments or suggestions.

[email protected]

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