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tescos suncare feature...
Tesco Suncare Range
Now that your skin is soft and smooth and ready for holiday exposure in the sun, it's time to get some protection! Most of us feel better with a tan - slimmer, fitter, sexier - but we know what damage the sun can do and need to make sure that we're adequately equipped to prevent harmful burning from the sun's rays when it's time to relax on the beach.
The effect of too much sun causes premature ageing and thousands of cases of skin cancer are diagnosed each year. Malignant melanoma (cancerous moles) has been linked to sunburn sustained as far back as childhood.
Prevention is better than cure and no woman over 35 should venture out of doors without at least SPF factor 30 on her face.

Dr John Ashworth, a member of the UK Skin Cancer Working Party and a leading NHS dermatologist says: "On average a person will inflict two thirds of a lifetimes sun damage to the skin by the age of 15. Therefore it is vital to take extra precautions with children of a young age during exposure to the sun."
Thank goodness that Tesco has completely updated its suncare range for 2001. As usual it's very affordable and the range includes some wonderfully innovative products especially designed for children.

There are sun lotion sprays with an SPF of 35 - about the highest SPF factor on the High Street - and all formulation have been awarded 4* within the UVA protection category, so give you the maximum protection against damaging UVA rays.

In addition there are some more conventional lotions, available in SPF 6; SPF8; SPF12; SPF15; and SPF25. All provide maximum protection against UVA with a new cell protection system to help prevent premature ageing.

There is also a lip balm, vital when you're not used to a dry, sunny climate, and a range of suncare for those with sensitive skins.

Most unusual and very welcome indeed is the amazing Kid's Colour Change Spray. The sun-lotion sprays on purple so that mum can see that no inch of skin has been left unprotected. It changes to clear as it is rubbed in and is designed to encourage children, by fun, to take and active interest in protecting their delicate skins from the sun.

It's fruity, contains grape extract and Vitamin E and is SPF factor 35.

Not content with that, Tesco has gone even further, with a range of sun products for babies and children who have sensitive skin. The hypoallergenic formula contains Allantion, a natural anti-irritant, with vitamin E and camomile to soothe. It smells delicious, like coconut ice-cream.

For total protection, there is a completely unfragranced and water-resistant children's and babies sunblock and a very useful insect repellent that promises to keep bugs at bay up to 4 hours.
And after you've come in from the sun, the complete range of After Sun products, in gel and spray as well as cream, will cool, smooth and help provide instant relief to sun-drenched skin. Children can apply the new after sun spray that crackles and fizzes as it soothes and cools. It contains Panthenol, Grape, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera and smell like a fruit lollipop.
Finally, for those who decide not to risk the sun's rays at all, the Tesco range once again comes up trumps with the much-loved tinted facial bronzer and a self-tan bronzer.

All products have been dermatologically tested and are now available at larger Tesco stores.

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