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tescos spa feature...
Tesco Spa
Ever thought of indulging in some luxury spa treatments? Ever wanted to really prepare for summer? You know, smooth, shiny skin, fresh complexion and lots of energy?

Now you can with the help of the nations' No 1 superstore. You don't need to pay hundreds of pounds to escape to a castle for a long weekend (but that would be nice). You can recreate a mini spa in your own home, with the ultimate in bath-time goodies from Tesco's new Spa range.

All the products - except from the Spa Salt Rub - contain water drawn from the Tesco Ashbrook spring. This pure water helps to rehydrate the skin. The range also contains a unique Mineral Complex that features copper, iron and zinc, designed to replicate minerals that naturally occur within the body, as well as more specific ingredients that enhance the performance of each particular product.

Choose from:
Spa Foam Bath - a calming and de-stressing luxurious bath soak, which contains Sea Lavender to help relax and restore harmony.

Spa Shower Gel - a refreshing and invigorating clear blue gel, that contains Sea Rocket and menthol to stimulate.

Spa Body Wash - a hydrating toner/cleanser made with sea kelp and vitamin E hydrating beads to help soften and protect.

Spa Salt Rub - an exfoliating polisher with sea salt and sea fennel that helps smooth and refine the skin.

Spa Fragrance Mist - refreshing 3 in 1 reviver that can be used as a body spray, air freshener or fabric freshener.

There is also a fabulous Spa Treatment Kit which contains the foam bath, shower gel; body scrub and a moisturising body gel.

The range is all cool blue and simple, clean lines that immediately suggest harmony, relaxation and calm.

Check out your nearest Tesco and give yourself a treat.


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