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Distance Learning Centre
for Professional Aromatherapy

Founded in 1998, Universal Studies is the brainchild of its Course Director, Anthea Ingle. The company provides distance learning in Professional Aromatherapy, and has plans to introduce more courses in the near future. Like its existing course, all courses will strictly adhere to the highest professional standards.

Universal Studies' mission is a simple one.

"To provide the professional industry and others a chance to learn Aromatherapy the professional way, just as if they were studying at college or university."

Anthea began her college training in 1992, where she was encouraged to combine Hairdressing with Beauty Therapy as an access course for aromatherapy, due to its limitation through national curriculum at that time. She then went on to study Media & Theatrical Make-up followed by the long-awaited Aromatherapy course, in which she subsequently came to specialise.

Prior to her intense training, she completed an aromatherapy home-study course. She quickly realised that the quality and structure of the course would not enable and equip her to fulfil the career she had hoped for. This had a catalytic affect on Anthea, plunging her towards practical training at college. She then went on to develop her professional course by combining her practical training experience with her theoretical knowledge.

"The idea behind Universal Studies is to provide the 'real McCoy', not just a course intended purely for the purpose of making quick money, regardless of its content!"

Anthea's in-depth market research took several years to complete. She came to realise that most home-study courses were coming off conveyor belts, and this concerned her greatly.

"Quality and standards were simply not being given the priority they deserve," said Anthea. "I like to believe that Universal Studies can make a genuine difference."

The Universal Studies Professional Aromatherapy Course comes in easy to understand, step-by-step modules, and once successfully completed, provides the student with a recognised Diploma in Aromatherapy.

"Today, the demand for home-study courses is greater than ever as people realise that studying should be a pleasure and not a fixed schedule," says Anthea. "More and more people want to study in a flexible environment, wherever and whenever it suits them. Most importantly, it should be at a pace that is comfortable for them."

We heartily applaud Anthea's efforts, and wish both her and Universal Studies every success.

To learn more about Universal Studies and its distance learning Professional Aromatherapy Course, visit one of the most attractive and well laid out sites we've seen in a very long time. You'll find it at:


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