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Anne Collins, our Resident Slimming Expert, is one of Ireland's most experienced weight-loss consultants. Over the past 19 years, she has helped thousands of men, women & teenagers, including many suffering from
severe obesity.

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Question 11.
If I'm on a diet, can I eat out?
Yes. In fact, you can eat anywhere: up a tree, down a manhole or in the bath. It's not where you eat that counts, it's what you eat. So if you're in a restaurant, choose something low-fat. A plain steak and salad is fine. So is fresh fruit salad. And if you can't see anything suitable: just ask! (NB. All my diets contain a guide to eating out).

Question 12.
Three months ago I gave up smoking and now I'm a stone heavier. What should I do?
Give yourself a massive pat on the back! Cigarettes damage our health and our finances. One US pensions company estimates that a 20-year old person who quits a 20-a-day habit and invests the money in a pension plan will be worth about $1 million at the age of 60. So don't worry about your weight for the moment. Concentrate on staying off the fags!

Question 13.
Do I have to stay fat after having a baby?
Not unless you want to. I have several new mothers coming to see me and nearly all are back to their original weight. Being a mother is no reason to stay fat. It's just another excuse for doing nothing.

Question 14.
I'm trying to stick to a diet but I've had a really bad week. What's the point of continuing?
Because if you don't continue, you are going to stay fat. In fact, you are probably going to get fatter.

Question 15.
I cant exercise because of my bad back: can I still lose weight?
Yes, of course. You don't have to exercise to get slim. What's more, losing weight works wonders for a bad back because it takes the pressure off your spine.

Question 16.
My 12-year old daughter is getting very fat but she hardly eats a bite: why is this?
Nine times out of ten, it's because she's eating too much rubbish like crisps, coke, and chocolate, but not enough proper food. Solution? Make sure she eats a sensible breakfast and dinner and for lunch give her lots of sandwiches and fruit juice.

Question 17.
Is meat good for you?
Yes, but choose carefully. Best of all is fish. White fish (cod, haddock, hake and plaice) is excellent slimming food, providing you don't fry it. Even fatty fish (mackerel, salmon and herring) is good for you. In fact, their fat helps to protect you against heart disease.

After fish, the next best meat is free-range buffalo, but this is rather scarce at this time of year, so instead I recommend turkey, then chicken, followed by pig. But choose a lean cut and remove all visible fat. Cows and sheep are much more fattening and ideally should not be eaten more than twice a week. You won't explode or catch fire if you eat more, but you will find it more difficult to lose weight. Once again, choose a lean cut and remove all visible fat.

Question 18.
Do artificial sweeteners make it easier to lose weight?
No! In fact according to a huge American Cancer Society survey, women who use artificial sweeteners are actually more likely to gain weight!

Question 19.
I'm worried about my weight but I don't feel like dieting at the moment. What do you suggest?
Relax and stop worrying! When you want to lose weight, you will. Until then, get on with other things.

Question 20.
What's the easiest way to lose weight, for good?
Follow the Anne Collins Diet.


Copyright Anne Collins 2001. All rights reserved.

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