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Anne Collins, our Resident Slimming Expert, is one of Ireland's most experienced weight-loss consultants. Over the past 19 years, she has helped thousands of men, women & teenagers, including many suffering from
severe obesity.

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Question 1.
What's the point of losing weight?
It makes life easier. You don't believe me? Then put 14 cans of beans into a bag and carry it around with you all day. This is the same as being 14 pounds (one stone) overweight. The point of losing weight is to put this bag down and make life easier for yourself.

Question 2.
I've been fat all my life and so has my family: does this mean that I have to stay fat?
No one has to stay fat! If you follow a sensible diet, you will definitely get down to a normal weight. In 19 years, I have never met one slimmer who was incapable of losing weight. But I have met lots of slimmers whose family was fat!

Question 3.
What's the biggest mistake dieters make?
Not eating enough. They still think that food is the enemy. But food isn't the enemy: hunger is. So pile your plate!

Question 4.
Do I have to give up biscuits and cake in order to lose weight?
Not if you're a shrew! A shrew is a compulsive eater with an incredibly fast metabolism. In fact, if several shrews are confined without food, the hungriest will eat the others and finally itself, starting with it's tail and moving up from there. However, if you're not a shrew you can't eat this sort of junk and lose weight, unless you eat it as an occasional treat.

Question 5.
My friend says she is sticking exactly to her diet, but she's not losing weight. Why is this?
Because your friend is from Outer Space. If she came from planet Earth she'd lose weight just like everyone else. In 19 years, I've never known one earthling who failed to lose weight when following a diet. However, I have known lots of earthlings who didn't follow their diet properly.

Question 6.
Does giving up alcohol help us to lose weight?
No. According to two massive US surveys, monitored by researchers at the Centre for Disease Control in Atlanta, a woman who drinks a moderate amount of alcohol (7-13 units a week) while dieting, loses more weight than a woman who abstains. This doesn't necessarily mean that alcohol makes you lose weight. It may mean that giving up alcohol and fatty food is too much for someone to handle at the same time.

Question 7.
Does my husband notice when I get fat?
Are you joking? Your husband might not dare comment about your size but there's nothing wrong with his eyesight. If you don't believe me, watch his eyes when a slim blonde walks into the room!

Question 8.
I weigh 250 pounds (18 stone), is it possible for me to slim down to 10 stone?
Yes, absolutely! No matter how heavy you are, you can lose weight as easily as the next person. All you need to do is follow a sensible diet for 12 months and you'll be almost there. Being fat is never a good reason for staying fat. It's simply an excuse for doing nothing.

Question 9.
Are bananas fattening?
No. If bananas were fattening, most apes wouldn't be able to walk, let alone swing through the trees. Bananas are good.

Question 10.
When I'm on a diet, how much water do I have to drink?
Drink as much as you feel like. Just don't add chips or coleslaw.


Copyright Anne Collins 2001. All rights reserved.

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