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One in ten women in this country will develop breast cancer at some point in their lives. That's 35,000 women every year, 7,000 of whom will be under the age of 50.

The effect of a positive diagnosis can be both devastating and isolating and breast cancer does not respect age. Younger women have very particular worries, such as explaining the illness too and caring for young children, childcare issues and welfare rights. Many women have jobs and must cope with cancer on top of the day-to-day challenges of a career.

The Lavender Trust has been set up to supply a unique range of support services for such women. Monies raised will be used to fund a telephone support system and three times in 2001 a group of young women who would normally not be able to meet fellow sufferers - because of their commitments or treatment - will meet once a week for eight weeks via a conference call. These calls will be facilitated by a specialist nurse and a trained psychotherapist.

Not only is this a means for women to discuss and overcome the practical difficulties associated with their illness, but these group meetings also provide an opportunity to share concerns and experiences with people who are experiencing or who have survived similar problems.

It could happen to any of us!

The Lavender Trust was formed in memory of the journalist, Ruth Picardie, who died of breast cancer at the age of just 33. Why The Lavender Trust? Because Ruth Picardie loved lavender: for its beauty, scent and healing qualities. She grew it in her own garden, and was surrounded by it in the gardens of Trinity Hospice where she died.

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