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Natural Facelift
Juliette Kando

List Price: 9.99
Our Price: 7.99
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Paperback - 176 pages Rev. Ed
(20 July 2021)

Amazon Rating: 5 stars
To order: You can order this book here.

Intelligent and very helpful
I have read a number of books on facial exercise - since hitting 30 I suddenly realised my face really was changing and I was losing the looks of youth I had come to take for granted. This book is more subtle and comprehensive than any other. At first it seemed a little complicated, and the exercises were the most difficult of any I have come across, but with perseverence the results have been remarkable. I look better at 35 than I did at 25. I look my age - the book is not a time machine- but my face has contour, lift, fullness and sparkle. My husband truly and sincerely thinks I am better looking now than 10 years ago. I'm more in my face. I know my face better, I move it better, it (so I am told) radiates health. This is not a quick fix. Some of the exercises will suit and others won't. Go with those that do. The author was a ballet teacher and the exacting principles of posture and perfection, combined with an Alexander Technique for the face are what you get. (Independent Reader Review).

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