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Nail Hints
A Series of Personal Viewpoints
by Nelly M

You can always tell how well a person is groomed by the state of their hands. The epitome of elegance is beautiful hands complemented by a set of clean, healthy, well-manicured fingernails.

Nothing looks worse than grimy fingers, bloody bitten stumps of nails, skin tags or peeling ridged nails.

Years ago it used to be impossible to have good nails all the time, but nowadays, glamorous, even sexy fingers, are within everyone's reach.

Create an Illusion
Have you ever thought of false nails?

They are not just for special occasions, but can be a real cure for biters or those whose nails peel and tear before they've reached the glamorous stage.

There are three different types of false nails, or extensions - acrylic, fibreglass (wraps) and gel. Each is about as good as the others so it's really up to you which you prefer and who you think applies them best.

Within a couple of hours you'll have long, strong, authentic-looking nails that should appear natural even without varnish! It's a fantastic illusion, will make you look and feel fabulous and won't damage the nails underneath, but rather allow them to grow.

Every two or three weeks you can go back for 'in-fills' so that the growing-out stage is not noticeable.

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