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Fit-to-go™ for men

Young British company A Natural Affair, is currently concentrating its efforts on producing products for men as more and more of us are recognising the benefits of skincare and the popularity of men's grooming is growing.

Fit-to-go™ for men after shave balm, the first product in their Fit-to-go™ range, has recently been launched. It stands alone as an exciting, innovative product which has many outstanding qualities.

It is a modern product.
It has a natural macadamia lotion base combined with the nourishing and protective "anti-ageing" properties of vitamins A, C and E, together with sunscreens.

It is a kind product.
This daily moisturising lotion also contains a masculine fragrance which avoids the need to use harsh, alcohol-based aftershaves which sting and so often worsen the irritation of shaving.

It is quality product.
As well as having carefully chosen ingredients, it is presented with the elegance of an aftershave.

It is convenient.
It has a pump-action dispenser making it quick, easy and non-messy to use.

It is cost effective.
With its integral fragrance, there is no need for the additional expense (and space when travelling) of an aftershave.

Fit-to-go™ for men after shave balm has a retail price of just £22.50 for a 50ml bottle. The product can be ordered on the company's secure web site at
(www.fit-to-go.co.uk), and their telephone number should you wish to speak to them direct is 01635 250800. Alternatively, you can e-mail the company at [email protected]. Trade enquiries are welcome.

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