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Anthea Ingle, our Resident Holistic Expert, is a Professional Aromatherapist and Course Director of Universal Studies, the aromatherapy distance learning centre. Her company provides distance learning in Professional Aromatherapy, and has plans to introduce more courses in the near future.

Anthea began her college training in 1992, where she was encouraged to combine Hairdressing with Beauty Therapy as an access course for aromatherapy, due to its limitation through national curriculum at that time. She then went on to study Media & Theatrical Make-up, Hypnotherapy and finally the long-awaited Aromatherapy course, in which she subsequently came to specialise.

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If there is anything you would like to ask Anthea regarding any aspect of holistic therapy, by all means drop her a line. She'll do her best to help, and we'll be pleased to publish the best of your queries, together with Anthea's answers, on the site.

Send any questions to
[email protected]

To learn more about Universal Studies and its distance learning Professional Aromatherapy Course, visit one of the most attractive and well laid out sites we've seen in a very long time. You'll find it at:


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