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a Personal Viewpoint
by our Editor, Nelly Morrison

It's our crowning glory and it can also be our worst nightmare. Our hair - not just there for decoration and embellishment but to fulfill an important function. It protects, warms, and acts as a sensor of our general health. And when we get our hair right, isn't it just the best feeling in the world?

But there are so many factors that influence the condition of our hair. It is sensitive to alterations in atmosphere, environment and lifestyle, proclaims changes in health and is the first thing to suffer in times of crisis.

Each one of us has roughly 100,000 hairs - though blondes have more and redheads less - and we naturally lose up to 100 hairs per day, depending on the time of year.

Hair is made of overlapping dead protein cells called Keratin. When the layers lie flat and smooth each hair reflects light, making it shine. When the hair is peeling or split it can't reflect light and so looks dull and lifeless.

Unloved hair exposed to too much sun, perming, bleaching, tinting, central heating, curling tongs (what else do I use?) and high temperature blow-drying can be dry, brittle and split.

Tension causes the scalp to shrink and causes flaking. And if you feel that your hair stands on end when you are frightened or nervous it's the animal in us - nature is trying to make us appear taller so that we frighten our enemies!

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