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our skin pic
An Appraisal
by Beauty Expert,
Sarah Rendle

OUR SKIN - back to basics
How many of us really understand what our skin is? And why should we take care of it?

Most of us know something about the how's and why's of skin care, but is this really enough to achieve that longed for flawless finish? For the best results we need to go back to basics. Let's take a closer look at the skin.

Living Organ
Our skin is a complex living organ. Always hard at work, renewing itself, even when we sleep. It is 60% + water and between one and two millimetres thick. It is thinnest around our eyes and thickest on the soles of our feet and on our hands. Two of the skin's layers play a key role in how our skin looks, the Dermis and the Epidermis.

The Epidermis
This is what we see. The base of the epidermis joins the dermis below, and it is here that the all-important new cells are created. As cells mature, they move up to the top of the epidermis. This process is continuous. Generally our cells are renewed every 28 days. Yet, as we age this natural process slows down.

The Dermis
The dermis, a supportive tissue, is below the epidermis. The cells here are essential in producing the fibres which are responsible for that elasticity and suppleness of skin we all treasure. What are these fibres? Collagen for firmness, Elastin for suppleness.

What about my own skin?
We're all different. Older, or younger. With dry skin or oily skin, with combination skin or normal skin. But whoever we are, whatever our skin type, our living, hardworking skin needs help to look its best. Without the nourishment and care it needs, the dream of flawless skin can remain just that. A Dream!

Continued...Skin Types

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