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a Personal Viewpoint
by our Editor, Nelly Morrison

Is your skin dry as dust? Are the fine lines around your eyes becoming wrinkles? There is help at hand. In fact it's in the tap or the jug in the 'fridge.

You must drink. Two litres a day is the recommended amount and you know I'm not talking wine and beer or even tea and coffee (though you don't have to give them up, just cut down). Before your body is totally pickled start drinking water - it does work!

It's a daunting prospect and the first few days will be traumatic, (good exercise though, all that dashing about), but your bladder will become accustomed and very soon you will notice an improvement.

Not only will you be livelier and less tired, but your skin will be smoother and firmer and have a lustre you haven't seen in ages. And yes, those lines will be reduced.

All in all, it's the most inexpensive beauty treatment you can buy!

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