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Would you like to partner us in making i4beauty the leading Internet site for the UK beauty industry? We are looking to create strategic partnerships with companies from both within the industry and allied service industries. Companies as desirous to succeed as we are, and who have the foresight to recognise the enormous potential this opportunity represents for us all. If you feel that your company could benefit from such an alliance, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Why Become a Partner
The UK beauty industry comprises in excess of 50,000 businesses, many of them small, many of them in need of technological support in order to help them survive an increasingly competitive world. Every one of them will ultimately be listed on our site. This represents an unprecedented opportunity for any company with vision. Never before has every member of a single industry been in one place and therefore so readily accessible. Substantial market penetration is guaranteed for any advertiser.

Partnering Options
There are numerous partnership options, every one of which represents the same unprecedented opportunity. In fact the only limitation is the imagination. They include:

  • Advertising your product or service
  • Branding a specific product with i4beauty
  • Co-branding your product or service with our site
  • Contributing and integrating site content and technological solutions
  • Featuring your product or service in one of the many areas of our site
  • Linking to our site
  • Promoting your product or service by sponsoring one of our many Site Areas, Features or Competitions
  • Providing e-commerce and other technological solutions to enable i4beauty to better empower its subscribers and the beauty industry as a whole

If you are interested in forming any kind of strategic partnership with i4beauty, or have any other suggestions that might further our mutual interests please do not hesitate to contact us. Please complete as fully as possible. A member of our business development team will be pleased to contact you.

Please note - we at i4beauty are different. We strongly believe that no business transaction can be considered truly successful unless all the parties concerned are happy. We are after all in business for the same reasons: to satisfy our customers needs and (hopefully) to make a profit. To that end, our advertising rates are negotiable. We are a small, privately owned and funded company with a big idea and even greater potential. Help us and we in return will help you.

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i4beauty Subscriber Pages
Advertising on our subscriber pages is welcomed providing no advertising conflicts with our subscribers' interests. (It should enhance the individual's web page and not detract from it).

If a subscriber uses a specific product, we will be happy to carry that manufacturer's logo and other discrete information on their page since it can only benefit all concerned. Many beauty customers have a preference for certain products. To this end, it can only benefit the subscriber if the manufacturer of that particular product advertises on their page. It is in effect an endorsement for both parties. The potential is enormous for the product manufacturer since there is the potential for advertising on many thousands of pages. All rates are negotiable direct with i4beauty.

With an ever-expanding web site come ever-increasing partnering opportunities. A regular visit to our site will reveal the extent of those further opportunities.

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