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Why not replace your old screensaver with our simple but effective i4beauty Screensaver. Our current screensaver is admittedly minimalist, but sometimes less is better. The bigger and more complex the screensaver, the more memory it drains from your PC. Fact! So while we’re working on an improved version, it may still not be as complex (and memory draining) as your current screensaver.

Right-Click on the image shown and select "Save As".

Save the file to your hard disk and then add it to your desktop software manually.

Meanwhile, if you would like to download and use our current screensaver - which we are more than happy to use on all our machines in our office – please follow the instructions below. Otherwise, do please call back shortly to view the i4beauty Screensaver Mk II.
To add this graphic to "3D Flying Objects", please follow the following instructions:
  • Open control panels, double click on, "Display Properties"
  • Click on "Screensaver"
  • On the drop down menu, choose, "3D Flying Objects"
  • Click "Settings"
  • In the object drop down menu, scroll down to "Textured Flag". The texture button will become active.
  • Find the file name, "scrnsaver.jpg"
  • Click "Open"
  • Click "OK"
  • Click "Apply"
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