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Get Free Internet Access with i4beauty
If you're going to connect to the Internet, then you need an Internet Service Provider (ISP). As you are currently viewing this site, then you clearly already have one.

But why not sign up with i4beautyOnLine instead? Itís simple, itís FREE, and itís unique to i4beauty! And, going online with i4beautyOnLine will not alter anything on your PC.
If you have an existing Internet connection, i4beautyís dial-up service will sit happily alongside it. If you would rather dial up with i4beautyOnLine while the rest of the family prefers your existing ISP, there's no problem. Our software will automatically create a new dial-up connection for you to use without interfering with your existing connection.
What to do
Downloading our software is simplicity itself. Best of all, it will take no longer than a few moments!
  1. *Click here and then follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. Once you have downloaded the i4beautyOnLine software, our attractive logo will appear on your desktop.
  3. Simply click on the logo each time you want to access i4beauty or the Internet.
  4. Donít forget, if you're an existing BT subscriber, adding our dial-up number (0845 6091370) to BTís Friends & Family scheme will automatically save you 10% on all your Internet calls. (Calls are in any case only charged at local rate). If you make us your Best Friend, it will save you a whopping 20%!
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