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Free e-mail for Personal Members!
You may already have an e-mail address, but why not sign up for a unique i4beauty e-mail address as well? Through our subsidiary i4beauty OnLine.com we can now offer a simple, hassle-free, no frills e-mail facility with a unique i4beautyonline address ([email protected]).

As with our own dial-up service, itís FREE, and once again itís unique to i4beauty. You can continue to use your existing e-mail address as well, or make your i4beauty OnLine.com e-mail address your principal e-mail facility. Thereís no sign-up required and you could be using it in minutes!

An example of an e-mail address would be [email protected].
As yet we are unable to offer our Personal members free web space although we are working on it!

* Please note. This facility is for Personal Subscribers only. i4beautyonline.com
e-mail addresses may not be used in conjunction with any beauty business directory listing.

Free Dial Up. No sign up required, just start using it straight away.
  • No Fuss
  • Local Call Tariff
  • 56k modems or ISDN (inc 128 bonded ISDN)
  • FREE Unlimited POP3 mailboxes

(Telephone support and Static IP numbers are not available)

Access Number 0845 60901370 or 1470
User Name i4beautyonline.com
Password Beauty
SMTP serversmtp.i4beauty.co.uk
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