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i4beauty is an industry-specific web portal. It is not a general Internet directory. It concentrates on one subject and one subject only – the UK Beauty industry. It offers a single gateway through which customers old and new can find your business on the Internet.
The Internet
The Internet is a minefield. Search engines and general directories struggle to cope with the plethora of new sites added daily to an increasingly overcrowded World Wide Web. i4beauty’s brief is simple. To bring order out of chaos. To put its subscribers directly in touch with those who require their services. To ensure that i4beauty members are never more than a few clicks away from that much needed new business, and always several steps ahead of the competition.

It is a fact that there are thousands and thousands of beauty sites on the Internet. Many of them are very good. Others, sadly, leave a great deal to be desired. What no one single site offers, however, is a definitive approach to the subject.

Search Engines
Simply having a web site today is not enough. Search engines rule. If you are not listed with a search engine, your customers will never find you, no matter how big or elaborate your site. Even if they do find you today, the chances are they will not find you tomorrow. If they find you on one search engine, it is probable they will not find you on another.
Welcome to the chaotic world of the Internet!

Try it for Yourself
Visit any one of the major search engines and type in the word ‘beauty’. Chances are you'll find anywhere between 1 and 4 million entries to choose from. And if you already have a site, try finding it through a search engine. It is a fact that surfers rarely go beyond the first three pages of any search engine listing. If you cannot find your own site, what hope does a prospective client have?

A good site will cost you hundreds if not thousands of pounds, all of which will be wasted if potential customers cannot find it. Your web site, your business, is competing with millions of others on the Internet. Remember, you know your web address, most people do not.

If you already have your own web site try it for yourself. Go to any of the major search engines and type in the name of your business. If you cannot easily find your site, neither will those valuable new clients. Your web site, your business, is competing with millions of others. Only as a member of i4beauty is your site guaranteed to be found!

If you don’t already have your own site, don’t worry. With i4beauty you can compete on equal terms with anyone, and all for a fraction of the price of a conventional web site. Furthermore, we can unequivocally guarantee your site will be found, even amongst the millions of pages in existence.

At i4beauty We Know How Search Engines Work
We know how to benefit from their individual eccentricities. In any case, we do not rely totally on that one arbitrary medium to put you in contact with your customers. i4beauty’s unique blending of new with old media is the key to our success. By ensuring that you promote i4beauty.co.uk on all your literature, you help us to help you. We do the rest.

Welcome to a more ordered and profitable way of doing business on a simplified and far less chaotic World Wide Web.
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