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complementary therapies explained reiki
Reiki - pronounced ray-key' - is a Japanese word used to describe any type of healing work based on life-force energy. In the United States, it is the common word for the Usui System of Natural Healing eGuide, a hands-on healing method that focuses universal energy into a recipient's body. In a typical Reiki session, Reiki is applied using specific hand positions, over several places, front and back, from the tailbone to the top of the head. Then specific conditions are addressed in the areas of the body needing attention. Applied in a systematic fashion, Reiki is extremely effective.

Reiki serves as an excellent first-aid technique for accidents and injuries. Reiki helps in reversing and healing existing health problems, and it can be safely used as a complement to other healthcare methods. Reiki has proven to be entirely in keeping with modern ideas of preventive medicine and holistic health.

Reiki works by balancing and restoring the body's natural healing abilities. The Usui System can be easily taught to anyone regardless of age, physical condition or spiritual beliefs. Because of this wide range for Reiki students and Reiki's use for first-aid, Reiki training for the entire family is becoming more popular.

In the mid-1800s in Kyoto, Japan, Dr Mikao Usui, President of the Christian University, rediscovered this ancient healing system. For many years, this dynamic system was taught only to members of the Japanese aristocracy. About 1925, Usui passed on his understanding and refinements of Reiki to Dr Chujiro Hayashi, a Japanese Medical Doctor. Dr Hayashi opened a Reiki clinic in Tokyo and kept detailed records of treatments given. From his work, he developed the Usui System of Natural Healing, which includes standard hand positions and training system.

In the 1930s, Dr. Hayashi passed on his work to Hawayo Takata, a Hawaiian. Until 1975, she was the only person in the entire Western Hemisphere teaching this ancient healing art. Today, Reiki is being taught to people all over the world. It is used in holistic healthcare delivery systems at major hospitals and university's in America today. Certified Reiki teachers often sponsor exchange or support groups, which meet periodically to exchange Reiki treatments on each other, as well as give treatments to guests. These groups provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about Reiki, meet trained people and get to know the teachers better. You may decide to take training - at a minimum, for family use - and benefit from Reiki any time you want.

Reiki has proven over time to be very, very effective on all types of headaches and in greatly reducing stress.

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Source: Doug Gibbs, CRMT, Arvada CO.
Copyright 1997-2001, Complementary Wellness,
Littleton CO USA, +1-303-770-4022, www.CompWellness.com/.
Reprinted with permission.
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