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complementary therapies explained thought field therapy
Thought Field Therapy (TFT) - Callahan Techniques® - was founded and developed by Roger J Callahan, PhD, clinical psychologist and author, over twenty years ago. TFT is the study of the structure of thought fields and the body's energy system as they pertain to the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders. The procedures are non-invasive and simple to use, utilising specifically the body's meridian points to balance and heal negative emotions. The meridian points are the same as those used in Acupuncture and Acupressure. Some are calling TFT the Power Therapy of the 21st century. Effectiveness of TFT can be documented with heart rate variability measurements. Utilising his special Voice Technology® (VT®), Dr Callahan has successfully treated many clients world-wide via the telephone.

TFT works by affecting the bioenergy field that gives access to perturbations in the thought field. When a person thinks of a problematic issue or event, he is "tuning in" to the thought field. If he experiences emotional disturbance when tuned to a thought field, it indicates that there are one or more perturbations in that thought field causing the disturbance. When one stimulates the associated meridian, it deletes the emotion. This does not delete the memory but does eliminate the negative charge related to that memory.

Dr Callahan calls a perturbation, "... a subtle, but clearly isolable aspect of a thought field which is responsible for triggering all negative emotions. The perturbation is the generating structure which determines the chemical, hormonal, nervous system, cognitive and brain activity commonly associated with, an intrinsic and necessary part (but not the fundamental cause) of the negative emotions." The perturbation can be collapsed - neutralized, subsumed or deactivated - by tuning into the distress and stimulating very specific meridian points in an exact order. Dr Callahan has adapted techniques from Applied Kinesiology to create a diagnostic procedure that reveals the treatment needed. After treating thousands of clients over a seventeen-year period, he formulated common treatment patterns - called algorithms - for a variety of psychological problems. Callahan calls it a "blessing of nature" that negative emotion is encoded as a specific discreet order of perturbations in the thought field. Accurate TFT diagnosis can reveal the code that corresponds to an energy meridian point. Stimulating these points in the encoded order will eliminate the perturbations.

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Source: Jill Strunk, EdD, TFTdx, Minnetonka MN; Robert Mimmack, MD, Grand Junction CO; and John Detillier, Jr, TFTdx, Destrehan LA.
Copyright © 1997-2001, Complementary Wellness,™
Littleton CO USA, +1-303-770-4022, www.CompWellness.com/.
Reprinted with permission.
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