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complementary therapies explained the feldenkrais method
Are you, like many people, searching for a way to move with more ease, efficiency and comfort? The Feldenkrais Method® helps people do that through the educational powers of movement and awareness. By teaching co-ordination and skill, the method covers a broad range of human actions. It covers simple important human activities - standing, walking, sitting, reaching, balancing and running. It also covers complex actions - sports performance, speech, voice, breath control and posture improvement. It works whether you are an individual with a disability, a superbly co-ordinated person, or simply a person seeking relief from the common stresses of living. In brief, the Feldenkrais Method® teaches you how to improve your ability to function in daily life.

The Feldenkrais Method offers two different ways to help you acquire the tools necessary for moving with less pain and stiffness - Awareness Through Movement® classes and Functional Integration® lessons.

Awareness Through Movement
Awareness Through Movement® classes are verbally directed movement sequences that allow you to explore movement in a group setting. These explorations teach you to observe how you move. The outcome is a qualitative change in your body that results in a more dynamic posture and increased flexibility.

Functional Integration
Functional Integration® lessons are suitable for individuals requiring specific one-to-one attention. This learning process is especially useful for people who want to overcome specific limitations or to perform better physically and mentally. The sessions take place while you are fully clothed and may be in a variety of positions - lying down, sitting, standing, walking or kneeling. A practitioner guides you through a series of precise movements that alter habitual patterns and provide new learning directly to the neuromuscular system. Both modalities speed recovery from past injuries, enhance sports performance, reduce stress levels and help everyone enjoy moving.

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Source: Ellen Soloway, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, New Orleans LA.
Copyright © 1997-2001, Complementary Wellness,™
Littleton CO USA, +1-303-770-4022, www.CompWellness.com/.
Reprinted with permission.
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