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complementary therapies explained acupressure
The healing art of Acupressure is at least 5,000 years old and remains the third most popular method for pain and illness relief in the world. It is a complete health system that has been documented to be used for over 3000 conditions. Anyone looking for options to their current treatments or are concerned about situations in which they may not be able to get to medical help, should consider this as the first treatment choice for any home self care system.

Based on the same principles as Acupuncture using pressure instead of needles, Acupressure works by stimulating specific reflex points located along the lines of energy which run through the body, called meridians. There are fourteen main meridian lines, each of which corresponds to an individual organ of the body. When the vital energies are able to flow through the meridians in a balanced and even way, the result is good health. However, when we experience pain or illness it is an indication that there is a block or leak in the energy flow within your body.

There is a natural source of healing power in everyone. When this healing power is activated, it triggers a series of complicated internal processes producing a Healing Response. Pain or injury act to alert the body that damage control is needed, at which point the Healing Response begins and endorphins are generated to repair the affected area. This increases the heart rate and alters the blood pressure to speed up the elimination of toxins from the damaged area.

Acupressure induces this Healing Response by simulating injury through pressure. When applied to specific sore points along the meridians at different points for different conditions, this pressure tricks the body into thinking it has been damaged. The body then produces endorphins to relieve distress in the organs and systems corresponding to that Acupressure point. While the body is healing at the point of pain, it produces a Healing Response all along the meridian.

The goal with Acupressure is to learn the points that will produce the Healing Response for the conditions we want to fix. Through repetitive Acupressure treatments, the body learns a new and effective way to activate the Healing Response on its own and increases the power to heal itself without any outside intervention.

About the author, Monte Cunningham:
One of the most portable yet highly-effective methods of complementary healthcare is Acupressure. It requires no more than a chart and a hand to administer treatments, though treatments can be administered with wooden tools as well as coupled with massage and essential oils. Both have been successfully used for thousands of years to help millions of people. This article features Acupressure and is written by Monte Cunningham, a man who has spent more than 35 years studying this healthcare modality.

Thirty-five years ago, Monte Cunningham injured his back playing football in high school, causing intermittent and unexplainable pain. He never knew when it would strike. Sometimes the pain kept him in bed for weeks at a time. After two back surgeries, depression, drinking, and contemplation of suicide, he began searching for other ways of healing, studying diets, exercises and meditations. Eventually, he stopped doing anything. By listening to his dreams and inner guidance, by prayer, communion with nature, meditation, and following the flow he found what he needed. He learned techniques and developed tools that have worked for him and have helped others. In the last 15 years, he has completely freed himself of the pain.

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Sources: Monte Cunningham, The Acu-Ki Institute, PO Box 62, Woodruff AZ 85942, USA
Copyright 1997-2001, Complementary Wellness,
Littleton CO USA, +1-303-770-4022, www.CompWellness.com/.
Reprinted with permission.
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